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how to install NetBeans 8.2 in MAC

If you want NetBeans to always start with specific options such as --userdir, --jdkhome, --fontsize, etc. Then add the custom parameters you wish to use and save your changes. You can also find news, articles, additional modules, and other useful information on the NetBeans project web site. Since NetBeans is an open-source project, the web site also provides access to source code, a bug database, information on creating your own NetBeans modules, and much more.

Where does NetBeans install your modules?

If you encounter any Mac OS X-specific problems, please let us know by filing a bug , but don't forget to specify that you are using the Mac OS X operating system. NetBeans IDE 8. Note that this shortcut only works when the insertion point is located immediately after the opening bracket.

Cmd-Shift-[ Selects the block between a pair of brackets. Note that this shortcut only works when the insertion point is located immediately after either the opening or closing bracket. Ctrl-G Jumps to any specified line. Cmd-A Selects all text in the file.

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Cmd-Shift-Minus - Collapses all blocks of code in the current file. Cmd-J then E Stops the recording of key sequence for a macro and opens the Recorded Macro dialog enabling you to name the new macro.

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  • Reverses a series of editor actions one at a time excluding Save. Cmd-Y Redo.

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    Reverses a series of Undo commands one at a time. Cmd-X Cut. Deletes the current selection and places it on the clipboard. Cmd-C Copy. Copies the current selection to the clipboard.

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    Cmd-V Paste. Pastes the contents of the clipbard at the insert point.

    Delete Delete. Deletes the current selection. Cmd-E Deletes the current line. Cmd-K Copies the word preceding the insertion point and then pastes it after the insertion point the insertion point must be in the whitespace preceeding or following a word.

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    Press K multiple times to cycle through preceding words in succession. Cmd-L Copies the word following the insertion point and pastes it at the insertion point the insertion point must be located in the whitespace preceeding or following a word. Press L multiple times to cycle through consecutive following words. Cmd-Shift-G Selects the previous occurrence of the word found during the search. Cmd-F Opens the Find dialog box. Cmd-R Opens the Find and Replace dialog box.

    Setting Tabs Keys Action Tab Shifts all text to the right of the insertion point one tab stop to the right. Cmd-T Shifts text in the line containing the insertion point to the right one tab stop. The latest version of Netbeans is version 8. This is where you want to be. It used to be that the NetBeans install package included an installation of Java, but thanks to some confusion and a conflict with Java 9, this is no longer the case.

    Step 1. Java 8. Download and install the latest version of Java 8.

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    DMG file. Inside is the install package. Java installs just like any other Mac application that uses a package installer. When done installing, you may want to verify, in the terminal, that you have Java 8 properly installed. It should look like this:.