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Including MAC spoofing. I know where you are coming from. Besides, it's more flexible. For example, if you want, you could randomize your MAC address. Do you, or anyone, know if there is a way to randomize the MAC address automatically at startup?

How to change the MAC Address of Ethernet device in Linux?

You can use macchanger to randomize the MAC address. The following setup will do it at startup. I have tried to run macchanger with if-up.

In both cases the script runs and changes the mac for other network interfaces but not eth0, whether it's active or down. I'm puzzled: it looks like some other system script is resetting my main network interface's mac address. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Maybe NetworkManager gets in the way somehow.

How to Change / Spoof your Mac Address using Macchanger on Kali Linux 2018.1

Try disabling NM , and use if-up. Thanks for your reply. Removing NM is not an option for me because then I'd have to manage the various lan, wifi and vpn connections manually. Anyway it turns out NM is the culprit. Every time the network is activated, NM restores the MAC address it stored when network-manager was started at boot time. So, NSA 1 - privacy 0. Thanks a lot Network Manager. I think Inode is right.

I made several attempts for having a macchanger script working with Network Manager but no success. For me the only possible solution for spoofing Mac since boot was uninstall Network Manager and install Wicd instead. With Wicd, macchanger script works perfectly since the beginning. First, go to the networking indicator and select "Edit connection" to configure a new connection: Click 'add' and choose a name for the spoofed MAC network connection. After selecting your interface "eth0" in the top dropdown, you can simply choose any MAC address you like: And after connecting to it, you'll be using your new MAC address.

Is it possible to automate and randomize the Mac address for every new connection or login?

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I would post this as a new question, but I assume it would get marked as a duplicate of your question. Yes, there is a thing called macchanger - but I've never tried it. In gnome shell, I don't get the option to set up another interface on eth0. Could you describe what's going on behind the scenes, and how to achieve it via a terminal? This doesn't work in Ubuntu Blanca Higgins Blanca Higgins 1.

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The solution from knocte worked for me. My only remaining issue is to specify a particular MAC address. Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Posted by Diego Assencio on There is more than one way to change the MAC address of a network device on Linux.

MAC address spoofing

One possibility is to use the ip command, but here I will show how this can be done using the macchanger command as it is a more intuitive tool for this task. For instance, if the interface whose MAC address you wish to change is eth0 , run:.

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The output of the command above will show three MAC addresses: the permanent one fixed by the vendor , the current one before changing it and the new one you chose. This what I got after setting the MAC address of my eth0 interface to aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff :. A MAC address is a 6 octets 48 bits long identifier which is assigned to a device when it is manufactured.

ip route: Routing table management commands

It is usually a globally unique value.