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They can be fined up to RM, if found guilty, so don't hesitate to tell on them. But confusion abounds. Take this article from yesterday.. Kamal bin Abdullah at PM 1 comment:. Quickies : Lagi Najib Tipu.

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Najib Razak. Weakened by corruption, Malaysia's economic starts to reel from decades of money laundering, illicit outflows.

Amanah: Clarify Malaysia’s involvement in Yemen war | Free Malaysia Today

There is always a mention on our large foreign reserves which are able to finance 9 months imports. On top of that there are always repeated assurances that our economy is fundamentally sound.

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On the surface it seems we are on the right track because normally surplus equals savings. With larger foreign reserves, a country not only able to finance more imports but also acts as a cushion against an economic downturn. However what we are not told is that there are also disadvantages in having large foreign reserves. This is because for all we know the USD is on the last leg on being the dominant currency of trade and foreign reserve of choice. Recently, De-dollarization or reduced significance of the dollar is gaining momentum as Western countries started with Britain and now followed by Germany, France, Luxembourg and Italy announced that they are joining the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank AIIB as founding members.

AIIB rivals the World Bank and the IMF in form and functions and thus with some of the world biggest economies becoming members, the significance of the world institutions are at stake. What this means to the Dollar? Thus, soon we will see the rise of the Yuan as the next Gold-backed Reserve Currency if not one of the Reserve Currencies.

Further evidence on the Dollar over-valuation can be shown by the following chart. Below is the Dollar index chart. Needless to say, anything that goes up parabolic will end in a crash. So, I reckon that the coming plunge in the USD will have drastic repercussions to the Global economy as many nations are now engaging in competitive currency and interest rate devaluations. Back to our discussion on how the balance of payment works and relates to the foreign exchange reserve. What is Balance of Payments? A country can only increase the size of its foreign reserve when it is running a balance of payment surplus.

What exactly is the Balance of Payments? Direct Investment. Statistical Discrepancies. Overall Balance. Foreign Reserves Mil. RM Sustain Import Months. Source : Bank Negara Malaysia. All they read from the media mainly concerns whether a country is running a balance of payment deficit or surplus.

But fear not, it is not as complex as it seems. Let me present you a quick introduction to the concept of Balance of Payments. The Current Account deals with the import and export of goods and services. It records transaction arising from trade in goods and services, income accruing and transfers of residents in one country to residents of another. The Capital Account deals with the import and export of assets. It records the transactions related to international movement of financial assets.

Tahaniah Geran! Sudah 25 tahun saya menjadi anggota Pertubuhan Seni Silat Pusaka Gayong Malaysia, dan saya bersyukur melihat perkembangan silat di negara ini.

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What do you think when I wrote in English. Do you accept the idea? It is said that to continue to survive in this world, one must master one of the strongest languages belong to one of the strongest nations. Advance civilization. There are things that make Malaysia as unadvanced civilization. Mindset and action. Ditulis oleh Amiene Rev pada PG. Apabila usia semakin meningkat, cita-cita kita semakin berkurangan. Tanggungjawab kita semakin bertambah. Pemikiran kita semakin realistik. Kita mula memilih sesuatu berdasarkan keperluan.

Setiap hari kita melihat dunia tidak lagi seperti usia muda kita.

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  • Tidak lagi seperti semasa usia remaja kita. Sudah pasti tidak lagi seperti semasa usia kanak-kanak kita. Kita tidak lagi melihat esok sebagai cita-cita, tetapi kita melihat esok sebagai harapan dan amanah. Kita melihat masa lalu dengan pelbagai maksud dan emosi.

    Ada rasa puas hati, mungkin. Bercampur dengan rasa kesal, mungkin. Tidak kurang kecewa, sayu dan rindu. Tidak mustahil terselit kebanggaan, legasi yang mahu diwariskan. Semakin nipis garis usia kita, semakin kita pasrah dan redha. Tidak ada lagi rasa ghairah mengejar cita-cita dunia. Segala kemajuan dan pencapaian yang mengatasi generasi terdahulu, tidak pula mengagumkan kita kerana adanya rasa sedar tentang kebenaran pada penghujung usia. Apabila usia semakin meningkat, kita semakin sedar apa yang perlu dan apa yang tidak perlu. Kita mula sedar, mencari teras berbanding hias.

    Tidak banyak perkara lagi yang mampu menarik perhatian kita. Label: Catatan Peribadi. Seruan yang meminta kita untuk membela sesuatu.

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    • Kita tidak pernah sedar kerana fokus dan matlamat kita diatur untuk melihat apa yang orang lain lihat. Seruan itu semakin kuat, memanggil-manggil kita, agar sedar.

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      Kita adalah orang yang dipilih untuk melakukan sesuatu. Ada perkara yang orang tidak mampu lakukan tetapi kita memiliki pakej untuk melaksanakannya. Kita tidak sedar akan itu. Hentikan beranggapan bahawa semua orang adalah tukang tilik nasib yang boleh menilik masa depan kita lalu menganggap mereka tahu apa yang terbaik untuk kita. Sesetengahnya tidak mahu kita melangkau sempadan menjadi lebih baik dan lebih bagus daripada mereka.