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Hydracolor Sienna. Creme Golden. High Impact 24 Nearly Violet. Sparkling Adorned. Endless Crimson Joy. Rouge Hydrabase Wild Tulip. Le Rouge Absolu Beige Cashmere. Heidi Klum Perfect Exotic Spice.

High Impact 09 Citrus Rose. Color Design Sheen Vintage Rose. Super Lustrous Pearl Coffee Bean. Sheer Gloss Stick Vulnerable. Lipstick Crystal Crimson. Luxury Moisturizing Paprika. Different A3 Ice Bloom. Creme Pink Shimmer. Too Faced Free Love. Color Fever Beige Everyday. Ideal Lipcolor Coffee. Color Design Metallic Poodle Skirt.

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  4. Mary Kay Liquid Foundation.

Fantasy Crystal Pink. Lip Colour Tint 19 Wild Berry.

Endless In The Buff. Frost Bronze Shimmer. High Impact 27 After Party. Moon Drops Creme Lilac Champagne. Colorscope Cream 35 Currant Affair. Colour Riche Bronze Coin.

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Beyond Natural Spice. Color Sensational Very Cherry. Luxury Lipstain Rapture. Creme Pink Satin. Butter Shine Adore U. Le Rouge Absolu Pink Eclipse. Creme Dusty Rose. Metallic Lip Color 1 Baby Peach.

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Different A0 Gingerfrost. Lustre London Life. Sheer Manhunt. Super Lustrous Pearl Fuchsia Fusion. Moisture Extreme Plum Sable.

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Lasting Finish Alarm. Baroque Boudoir Baroque Boudoir. Creme Raisinberry. Color Fever Rock Icon Fuchsia. Creme Apricot Glaze. Color Sensational Cinnamon Stick. Ceramide Plump Perfect 03 Perfect Currant. Moisture Extreme C Rose Luster. Color Intrigue Effects 15 Sugarplum Shimmer. Colour Riche Bronzine. Creme Berry Kiss. Joli Rouge Ginger. Rouge Allure 21 Exotic. Tinted Lip Balm Rose. Butter Shine Perfect Plum. Addict High Shine Runway Red. Colour Riche Sugar Plum. Fantasy Crystal Cinnamon. Pure Color Crystal Crystal Pink. Luxury Moisturizing Wild Thing.

Tinted Lip Balm Apricot. Color Design Metallic Copper Desire.

2. If you go shade matching in person, wait a minute or two for the foundation to oxidize

Metallic Lip Color 10 Ruby. Flower Fusion 04 Marigold. Lip Shimmer Champagne. Intensely Moisturizing Lipcolor Charming. Moisture Extreme A55 Orchid Frost.