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It was Steve Jobs' idea to bring in Justin Long. He saw him in "Herbie: Fully Loaded" and thought was a star on the rise. Barton Corley: Steve's one of those guys that can argue both sides of the same argument in the same paragraph and convince you twice. He engaged, and I guess what I mean by that is he pushed it. He prodded at it.

He challenged us to make it better. Jason Sperling: I suppose I should have been hugely disappointed, but part of me was like, "Steve Jobs just cursed me out! Eric Grunbaum: When something was approved by Steve, the language was usually like, "This doesn't suck. This might be interesting. That's great. Scott Trattner: Barton and I got a call when those guys walked out of the room at Apple and was just like, "That's it.

You guys cracked it. Jason Sperling: At that point we went into heavy scriptwriting mode.

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We decided, "You know what, let us go and do a test shoot and see how this turns out. Barton Corley: In the beginning, Scott and I wrote about the first original six. Then, when we realized this was a big idea and we were going to be shooting a lot, Jason Sperling came on and really helped form the voice. Scott Trattner: Jason came in and really started going berserk on scripts, just tons and tons of scripts.

Jason Sperling: The agency was so worried that we wouldn't be able to handle that type of humor that they brought in a script doctor. Scott Trattner: It took a lot of maturity for Jason and Barton. I give those guys props. If it were me, I'd be like, "Really, someone's going to come in and art direct this thing? You fucking kidding me? Jason Sperling: He was an ex-agency guy who was trying to write for TV. This guy had reserved a room at the Chateau Marmont, and we sat on the floor reviewing scripts with him.

Scott Trattner: I think we did probably two or three rounds collaborating with the ghostwriter person. After that, Jason had the voice and was writing funnier scripts than anyone. Barton was involved and participating and engaged, but that funny thing was coming from Jason. March With script-writing underway, the team began an extensive but hurried search for the right director and talent.

“I’m a Mac, I’m a PC, and I Need a Vacation”

Mike Refuerzo: We needed to find a comedic director that understood how to do comedy in 30 seconds. Phil [Morrison] had just done a film, "Junebug," which we all loved. The performances in "Junebug" were subtle, the comedic timing was on point, and it was smart. It wasn't slapstick. Mike Refuerzo: As soon as we presented a script to him, he gravitated toward it.


He had a bunch of ideas and just expanded our scripts and gave us rules and some comedic discipline. Phil Morrison director : I remember one of the early scripts had to do with the PC guy making that Intel sound over and over again. It never got made, but that was one we used for the auditions. We spent weeks in New York. We casted in Chicago, because they had a pretty big stand-up comedy circuit. Phil Morrison: Any conversations about, "Hey, are they necessarily guys? Mike Refuerzo: We had a big wall of every actor you could possibly think of at that time that was in the realm of Justin [Long].

Dmitry Martin, John Cusack. It was presented to me like, there was a cool guy and a nerdy guy.

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Up until then, I had been playing primarily nerdy parts, and it suited my natural personality, so I just assumed they wanted me to play the nerdy guy. Scott Trattner: In the early days, we were thinking, "Should Mac and PC be well known, or should they just be bubbling talent?

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Mike Refuerzo: We decided to find talent that was talented but not exposed, because we didn't want somebody who came with a lot of baggage. We didn't want to be thinking about their past characters. Phil Morrison: Very often the same person would read for both Mac and PC, because the distinction was supposed to be small, and then that clearly changed as we started finding the folks that actually did it.

Eric Grunbaum: I think he said something to the effect of, "the movie stunk, but this actor was pretty good. Justin Long "Mac" : See, I did not know this. All right, well "Herbie" really paid off then. That's great, I did not know that.

Justin Long: It was presented to me like, there was a cool guy and a nerdy guy. I said, "Who's playing the other guy?

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I assumed he was going to be the cool one. Scott Trattner: Justin we got pretty quick. He was charming and great and a fabulous actor. Justin Long: I had a reticence about doing it because I didn't want to be a pitch man. I had had a run of good luck with movies, and those jobs were continuing to come. Now it's different, but at the time there was a real divide between commercial actors and film actors. It wasn't an easy decision. Click here to see the creative team's favorite 'Get a Mac' spots. Scott Trattner: I was more worried about who was going to play the PC, because we didn't want to set up a paradigm that made people who had bought that platform for years feel dumb.

It was very important that that character was very bright, empowered, charming, lovable. Phil Morrison: Hodgman came into my awareness because there was a review of his book in the New York Times , and then I think soon after that I watched him interviewed on "The Daily Show. John Hodgman "PC" : In November of , I had gone on "The Daily Show" to promote my first book of humor called, "The Areas of My Expertise," and that appearance went well enough that they invited me to be on the show as a contributor. Already, I was dealing with a very profound life change that was entirely unexpected, and frankly implausible.

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If you know what I look like now, and certainly if you knew what I looked like then, the idea that I would be on-camera talent was an impossible thing to consider. I think as we were doing the casting, we found that that it wouldn't be so bad if they did. John Hodgman: I got a call from my literary agent about auditioning for a new Apple campaign.

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  7. I'm an Apple user and had been almost my entire life. I convinced my father to buy a Macintosh after I saw that first "" ad—in I was like, "Yeah, absolutely I'll come in. But Phil really championed bringing him in. John Hodgman: Obviously I read for the PC, which I found to be a little bit surprising, because at that point I was about to turn 35—I still considered myself to be a year-old thin, cool person.

    It's a perfect example of how we have a delusional image of ourselves. Blogs were huge 10 years ago, and I think PC was bragging how he was the original blogster and the original hip-hopper, and he was just being really obnoxious and funny. It never aired but it was a script that helped define his character as just oblivious to reality. John Hodgman: At one point there was a requirement that I human beatbox, and so I deployed my rudimentary but very impassioned human beatbox skills that I had developed in the s in the mean streets of Brookline, Mass.

    Barton Corley: Hodgman's audition tape was probably a highlight of the entire thing. It was pretty incredible. I may have gotten this job. Bear in mind that I was then in my mid 30s and my wife and I had a 3-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old son. A good 40 percent of my life was being a stay-at-home parent.

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    7. It’s been 10 years since the last one aired..
    8. The idea that this ridiculous farce of me maybe getting this job would continue, it seemed like a real hassle in that moment.