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ARCHIVED: In Mac OS 9.x and earlier, how do I install Macintosh system software?

The file is about MB in size; it contains a 1. You may copy the Mac OS 9 application to your Applications folder or run it from anywhere else.


For a similar, experimental system that runs System 7. Note the special instructions for temporarily mounting disk images for installing or copying software in System If, when you start the application, you see a long error message that includes the string " translocation ", then you must move the application to some other folder and, if you want, move it back before you run it. This is the effect of a new macOS security feature.

The easiest thing to do is copy the application to your Applications folder. An older version, with a slightly different feature set suitable for single-user systems or for installation in the home folder of different users, is available here. For a similar system that runs Mac OS 9 under Windows, see another page. I assume that you know something about Mac OS and don't need any advice from me.

Mac OS 9.x (Main Page)

A few points are worth mentioning. You can hold down the Option key while launching the application in order to access an options menu. See below for some details. However, this system has other methods.

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After a few seconds, the file should be copied to the Mac OS 9 desktop. To toggle between windowed and full-screen mode, press Ctrl-Option-Enter.

The custom build of SheepShaver used in this application uses this key-combination instead of the standard SheepShaver toggle key Ctrl-Enter. To use full-screen mode by default, hold down the Option key when launching Mac OS 9, and set the screen size option to full-screen. Multi-user systems: If anyone finds a System 6 version that is not included in the toast image, please let me know and I will update the toast image. Macintosh Garden - Operating Systems http: Are you the publisher?

Claim or contact us about this channel. Embed this content in your HTML. Report adult content: More Channels. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles 41 to 60 of Mac OS 9. Contact us about this article. Application file:. Confirmed working for Mac PPC models: Year released:. Machines that can run LinuxPPC include: Mac OS 7.

Installing the Language Kits in Mac OS 9

Language Key. Mac OS X for Intel microprocessor. Once that is completed, start by deleting all applications installed in the Mac OS 9 applications folder. That's right, toss it out.

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Once that is done, visit this site and specifically this page in the forum. On that page, you can follow the instructions that Bob Levitus has provided to remove unneeded control panels and extensions. Either delete them, or simply deactivate them.

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  • In Mac OS 9.x and earlier, what is a clean system install, and how can I do it?.
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  • ARCHIVED: In Mac OS 9.x and earlier, what is a clean system install, and how can I do it??

Thank you Dr. Mac for a wonderful resource site! I visit it daily! Upon removing all of these items, my system installation went from And that is a very nice savings in space. Now, you can follow the steps as above for creating a new disk image file, this time MB. You may have to open the system folder and re-bless the system installation, if the system install does not show up as a valid boot partition in the Classic preference pane, try opening the system folder and a few folders on that disk image.

You can't open the system folder itself anymore while booted into Mac OS X, so the old ways of re-blessing the system installation don't apply here.

Mac OS 9 for OS X/macOS

Power Macintosh XPostFacto 2. I think you can see why at the very least, optimizing your classic installation is VERY worthwhile! Even if you do not decide to migrate your Classic installation to it's own boot disk image, you should take the time to remove those old outdated applications that you will likely never use again. It sure will save you time! And remember - it's always a good idea to have a fallback position if something should ever happen with your system.

If you need to perform disk repairs and don't have any means of booting the system from either another disk partition, or system installation, creating a startup volume on a disk image is not a good idea for you. But remember - you can keep that old system installation on your machine for emergency situations, and still have a disk image version of the system to boot to for Classic speed!

The best of both worlds IS possible!