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I'm trying to fill out an online form that specifically states: Is there any other alternative to IE on mac? Or do I just need to find a PC? If you cannot fill out a form, usually other settings security or privacy settings, in most cases for cookies and Java are interfering. Do you trust the site, that displays the form?

How to View Internet Explorer Sites on a Mac

Oct 17, 4: Install Windows or Linux into VirtualBox. If the form requires ActiveX to function, then the only browser that will work is Internet Explorer.

And that doesn't include the old Mac version, which didn't have ActiveX. Any and all web masters who still build sites which require ActiveX to work should be fired yesterday. The web is supposed to work on any platform, on any browser; not IE only. Dec 12, 6: Dec 13, 3: Jan 27, 5: Try using an online virtual Windows environment like Onlive.

From almost any platform, you sign in and are presented with a Windows desktop with the Office Suite. You may be able to use Explorer from there to fill out the form. Mar 18, 2: Well there is an easy way to use the latest versions of IE on mac without installing windows or a virtual machine. Install the latest versions of crossover for mac. I have been successfully using crossover for years now and it runs some of the windows programs very smoothly without windows, e. Mar 19, 4: But if a website implements a technology that is only supported on Internet Explorer, changing the user agent might not be worthwhile.

If your Mac has enough free resources, you may consider running a Windows OS on Mac via virtualization. If you have enough free space available on your Mac, but running low on other resources, such as memory RAM or processing power, virtualization might not be an optimal solution. That way, both the operating systems will be able to utilize the Mac hardware to their full potential. If you want to run Internet Explorer on Mac without installing Windows on it, some cloud browsing solutions allow you to access websites in IE from within any web browser.

These solutions basically provide access to Internet Explorer, running on their Windows based servers, through a proxy. As you may guess, keeping such a service online involves significant maintenance costs. And so, these services are usually not accessible for free. Even if a free alternative is available, there will be some restrictions imposed on its usage, or the user experience would not be recommendable. So you can expect it to work with most if not all of the IE-only websites. The service supports three different subscription plans. The Starter plan, which is free, is convenient for users who need Internet Explorer only once in a while.

If you know of any other alternatives to use Internet Explorer on Mac, let us know in the comments below. I prefer IE as my default browser, and will definitely make use of this article if for some reason I ever started using Mac. How about the pros and cons of using the virtualbox method vs winebottler? I assume that virtualbox would take more system resources. Overall, a great article, detailed where it needs to be and concise everywhere else. Again, a great article!

IE is the most used browser?

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Haven't you noticed people on windows machines using firefox, chrome, and others? Plus androids come with android browser or chrome. And you can install firefox easily. IPhones come with safari. And again, you can install firefox and chrome easily. Same with apple computers.

Download Internet Explorer For Mac OS X

It might be the most installed browser. Mainly because you can't uninstall it from windows. And also, many businesses tend to just use what comes bundled. Could you, please, research this better before embarrassing yourself? What are you, a ie-fan-boy? Chill dude. So what if you don't think the statistics are right? It doesn't stop you from using whatever browser you like. Nor will it influence anybody to suddenly switch to IE.

The research comes from Net Applications, not from the author himself, so please, no name calling. Here, check this link out. You may find it more in line with your perspective. As for me Of course, not many other people have the benefit of dual-booting between OSs, so this might be helpful for others. You are right, there are numerous links and research showing IE as the the most popular browser by some distance, a quick Google search reveals as much. It wasn't my own opinions.

Why Use Internet Explorer on a Mac?

Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. This is absolutely useless article. No one variant is working! Thanks Dan!

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Very helpful article. Thanks for an great article! So useful for front-end developer who must have it for testing. Hello, first of all, thanks for the article. Installing IE Can anyone point me to the right direction?

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Also, I would appreciate retrying without actually re-launching the download. Is that possible?