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Whether mixing on the go or on stage, Cross DJ provides all the essential features of a pro DJ software. Turn on Ableton Link and join the jam! Enable Ableton Link with a single click and sync several compatible apps over the same WiFi network. You can load webcam input into the sampler pads among other things.

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Read more here about how to set up. Cross can be controlled using timecode vinyl records or CDs. DVS is a plug and play technology, and supports absolute and relative modes. Timecode vinyl is available for purchase from our shop. Cross is compatible with any soundcard that works on your computer. As seen in :.

What is Traktor Pro?

Professional DJ software. Smart music collection. Edit your tracks. A wide range of MIDI controllers. A cross-platform DJ software. Ableton Link integration. Full feature list. It lets pro creativity free. All in all, I love this software. It is a pro platform that top DJs trust. I highly suggest it.

The software aims not only at professionals, but also towards those ones with creative vision on playing with sounds.


Also, you can customize the screen by rearranging different functions for your ease of use. The software is powerful enough to mix up a maximum of four tracks at the same time. Also, Tractor DJ is packed with 32 built-in sound effects to maximize your creativity. Audio effects and enhancements such as distortion effects, delaying etc. The main feature that makes this software different from other DJ tools like virtual DJ is the ability to work with real turntables and such hardware.

This facility requires only a specific sound-card and a storage medium like CD or vinyl record.

This helps you mix music in digital format using the hardware components. This program has a four track program that was improved with its amusing and clear visual interface. The program of this tool is also fully customizable to all its users, so they can easily organize their layout according to their desire style. Basically, the TempoSync ignores the phase meter, but BeatSync returns back to phase alignment.

Meaning, during any disruption like, for example, scratching, BeatSync keeps the tempo and phase stable, while TempoSync only focuses on the tempo. Editing music to create a sick jam that I can show off to my friends and make them jealous.

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This program seems nice, I am looking forward to it. I am going to use this program for home entertainment,only on my personal computer and devices,because I liked the way ''Traktor'' is playing music. I used the virtual Dj before and i love it so much now i looking forward to become more proffesional dj by using tractor so help please thnc.

I hAve not yet used any program because I just now start my djing career and I hope that your app could help me as good as posible and I can get famous.

Yes I do and it is very meaningful to me anytime I used and I would like if I get access to download the full version freely for future use. Traktor Pro 2 is , an integrated DJ mixer with studio-quality EQs and filters, flexible performance effects, automatic beat-matching and intuitive control functions that accommodate DJs of all styles and experience levels. Traktor DJ Studio is the perfect audio composer to obtain professional and high quality audio projects.

Full Review & Demo: Traktor DJ 2 App For iPad, Mac & PC (With SoundCloud) - Free DJ software

With this download, you will be able to add filters, effects, samples, distortions and loops to your music easily. The new version of Traktor DJ Studio allows mixing up to 4 full tracks simultaneously, with the possibility of modifying and moving them independently. Relevant functionalities of this version. Besides, there are tools to synchronize rhythms or equalize several and diverse frequencies automatically. Latest versions include the option to make metadata synchronization.

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  • Enjoy mixing and creating audio compositions with Traktor DJ Studio.
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With this program, real-time reversion is possible. Users can even import their playlists from iTunes and integrate them with the online store of electronic music, Beatport.

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  5. Full compatibility. Similarly, it is highly compatible with external devices such as amplifiers, controller, samplers, etc. The interface of Traktor DJ Studio allows users to feel like if they were using a real mixing console. Even though some of its options are quite advanced and may be difficult to understand at the beginning; its division in modules simplifies the task considerably. Traktor DJ Studio 2.