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It's very hard to make a wheelchair work, because it's not a very balanced thing.

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When you start going fast in a wheelchair, you place tremendous risk on the child, so you have to try and figure out how to do that in a controlled fashion. Then there's the dance sequence, a four-and-a-half-minute choreographed wonder that starts in a McDonald's parking lot before erupting in the middle of the restaurant, dance fever spreading through every casual Quarter Pounder-eater like it's Contagion 2: Electric Boogaloo.

MAC, dressed in a bear costume, breaks on the ordering counter as cashiers provide back-up. Football players, 9-year-olds, and Ronald McDonald dance their hearts out. And in heartbreaking juxtaposition, Eric, confined to his wheelchair, weaves through the crowd. Why is this scene in the movie?

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Well, why not? That's why that was in there. Raffill and Louis were careful about product placement. You won't find gratuitous product shots in MAC and Me. Louis claims he wanted a scene set in a McDonald's only because, for kids of that age in that era, going to McDonald's was the ultimate treat. Raffill pushed to make it a musical moment to "imbue it with something richer.

MAC and Me 's problem was getting people to walk in. Louis says he had offers from big studios like Paramount and MGM after test audiences rated the movie more favorably than Tootsie -- one of the most successful comedies of all time. Conversations with investors put the film at Orion Pictures, known for everything from Amadeus to Back to School. The movie's explicit appeal to disabled people didn't find much love from audiences or critics. The New York Times called MAC and Me a "shameless clone" with "residual charm" that "may be mildly amusing to children too impatient to wait for the 'E.

Commercials featuring Ronald McDonald shilling for the movie struck the wrong chord, the charity obscured by product placement. The promotional rollout Louis conceived in the beginning were cut short thanks to bigger studios' newfound interest in cross-promotion.

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Still, Raffill remains baffled about the critical response and subsequent box office numbers. It was a bit bizarre. Louis believes there's a future for MAC and Me -- and it has nothing to do with millions of YouTube views or Paul Rudd's devotion to the movie's outsider art potential in fact, neither Raffill nor Louis knew of Rudd's prank when I spoke to them. The producer maintains there's genuine interest in MAC and Me because the video sales made the movie profitable for Orion, and that the second coming of that not-quite-E.

Plus he made a promise.

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  • Paul Rudd's Long-Running 'Mac And Me' Prank on ⁦Conan O'Brien⁩ Explained;
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As he reminds me, the last shot of the movie sees Eric, MAC, and the alien family driving a pink convertible down Hollywood Freeway. A speech bubble pops out of the car: Don't expect the alien fam to pick up drive-thru: His previous work appeared on Grantland, Esquire. Find him on Twitter misterpatches. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Orion Pictures. Your browser does not support the video tag. Everyone had the best intentions The man behind MAC and Me approached altruism like any movie industry businessman might.

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With the right director, who needs a script? Want More? Like Us. Louis spoke of the ending in a interview and did not rule out a follow-up. He claimed there is public interest because home video sales made Mac and Me profitable for Orion Pictures and opined that MAC would resonate with modern, young moviegoers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mac and Me Theatrical release poster. Mark Damon William B. Kerr R. New Star Entertainment Vision International. British Board of Film Classification.

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Paul Rudd’s Long-Running ‘Mac And Me’ Prank on ⁦Conan O’Brien⁩ Explained

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Everyone had the best intentions

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