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The former of those has good and bad implications which we will discuss, but at its core Slidely is an excellent slideshow maker that anyone can use. Being a modern web app, the slideshow maker is slick and contemporary, offering a stylish UI to carry out presentations with slick tools and a strong feature set.

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Connections to social media are at the heart of the experience, allowing easy integration of slideshows on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others. The one clear limitation is that this is a web experience only. In other words, you must be connected to the internet to even use Slidely as there is no offline functionality or dedicated download. Kizoa is a free slideshow maker that is extremely easy to use thanks to its large amount of pop-ups with tips and information on how exactly to use this slideshow software.

Kizoa supports using preset templates grouped by categories for the slideshows or creating them manually from scratch. The images can be uploaded to the slideshow software from your computer or from Facebook.

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There are 48 various transition effects and 58 effects that you can add to the pictures themselves. Text can be added to each slide, and there is a selection of various text styles that can be applied to the text with this free slideshow maker. GIFs and music both preset are also offered to add to the slideshows. The added images can be used as is and can be automatically centered and fitted to avoid blank sides in the videos.

The only downside comes once you actually create a slideshow, preview it, and then opt to share the videos online, by email, save it as a file, upload it to YouTube or Facebook, or burn it to a DVD, as you will be asked to create an account for that.

Google Slides is another great online free slideshow maker with a highly intuitive interface and a selection of 26 templates. The text added to slides of this free slideshow maker can be fully formatted spacing, font size and type, alignment, etc. New slides can be added with a single mouse click.

Another great feature of the slideshow software is the auto-save feature. All the changes made are automatically saved in your Google Drive account. Transitions between the slides can also be customized.

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The created slideshow can be shared by a direct link or you can invite people to view the slideshow by email. We think that any decent slideshow maker should come with some core features.

The ability to integrate media like images, video, and audio are necessary to putting professional touches to your work. All the services on our list have this ability and a range of other features, such as social media integration, templates, and photo editing tools. Free Customer Service. Buy Now. Free Download. Customers Also Choose:. Make Photo Slideshows as Easy as ever Easiest steps to make a photo videos: organize, personalize and create.

Support Multiple Photo Formats Create photo videos from multiple image formats on Mac, including jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tiff, xbm and xpm. Easiest Steps to Make Photo Slideshows Easiest steps to make a photo videos: organize, personalize and create.

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You can add titles, apply transitions, set effects with basic color correction and video enhancement tools, etc. With iMovie, you can import photo and video files from your Mac hard drive. Mac users can also download iMovie online and have it installed. It is not available on the Mac App Store, either. It is only available in the boxed copy of iLife '