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Johnzonie's gear list: Johnzonie's gear list. Johnzonie wrote: There is an excellent one for the Mac - google exiftool. Leo's gear list: Leo's gear list. With Image Exif Viewer be sure to click on the details option -- hide signature Leo wrote: Johnzonie wrote: There is an excellent one for the Mac - google exiftool. Leo Thanks, again, for the command line tips. F Forum M My threads. You may also like.

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  5. Advice for an incoming new RX user? Waterproof bag for RX10 IV. Difficulty getting going. RX VI vs. Diopter movement on RX vii? HFR video on Sony Rx10iv. Anyone interested in free online photography courses? It is possible get a picture like this in rxii. Part of card door on RX VI lever is off hinge. Went for a walk with my newest toy Just picked up the RX0ii, anyone here been using it? It will tell you all about the lens used, the focal length, exposure, etc.

    Pick the image you want, right-click and choose Get Info. It will show you advanced data like the ISO, shutter speed, lens etc. Download the app from the website, extract and drag the app into the applications folder add it to the dock if you are going to use if often. IExif is a straightforward and simple program. To use the interval, you need a starting point.

    Instead you, as a user, provide the data as you want it to be and that is what SetEXIFData then writes to the photo s. You can also add a sequence number to a photo, or add burst-seconds. Whatever you like it to be! This is what the '. Next, enter a number to add, usually 1.

    This is handy for photos you scanned off a 35mm film or from the print. Only you know when it was taken, so the original date is the same as the creation date. This modifies the following META-data : createdate, timecreated, datecreated and additionally in case of a movie-file modifydate, trackcreatedate, trackmodifydate, mediacreatedate, mediamodifydate.

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    The new file will have the same Finder dates as the original file. If you uncheck this setting, the modified file will get today's date as creation and modification date in the Finder. A default pattern is inserted for you in the 'File name pattern' field. This is optional, but needed when you have numbers in the file name before the date and time.

    Defaults to 0 if not present. The pattern is processed from left to right. When no data is entered in those fields, the default day will be 1 and the default hour will be As long as photos with the same date in the name are being processed on a after another, the specified interval will be added.

    Exif Viewer by Fluntro App Extension : How to use Photos App extension to view and remove EXIF

    If no interval is specified, all photos will get the same time and sequence number. When a 2-digit year is read and its value is less than 40, is added, or when greater or equal to 40 and less than , is added, to make it a 4-digit date for use with EXIF and Finder dates. Examples: ' 13u22m10s Type each keyword on a new line or separate them by a comma.

    Keywords will be sorted in alphabetical order before processing takes place. You can sort the keywords interactively by control-clicking or click with a right mouse button inside the keywords field. You have to watch closely, because it happens in a flash. With the TitleCase checkbox set, all keywords are automatically title-cased when you leave the Keyword -field.

    To preserve pre-v3 behavior, where this was done by default, the checkbox is on by default. With the or remove all keywords checkbox set, all entered keywords are removed from the Keyword -field, both the Replace and Append -buttons are unchecked and when you process the list, all keywords are removed from all listed photos. This modifies the following META-data : keywords and subject. Check this setting when you want the address data — found by Google Maps while using the Geotagging-feature — stored in the Comment field. Note that this setting overwrites the contents of the Comment field.

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    This parameter is checked automatically when you select an address from the 'Select contacts…' pop-up menu. When you then click 'Geotag', the map wil try to load the selected address, otherwise it will try to position at the entered Latitude and Longitude, and as default, it will try to position the map at the stored 'Set as startup' coordinates. You can see, or manually change, these coordinates under 'Preferences Whether you selected an address via the 'Select contacts…' pop-up menu or not, it is reset to 'Select contacts…'.

    Make and Model speak for themselves. In Extra camera info , you can write things like '10 megapixel, 3x optical zoom'. Do not enter 'mm' after every number.

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    Note for RAW files : the 'Make' and 'Model' fields are sometimes used by the camera manufacturer to store other metadata. Changing the contents of these fields might result in a corrupted RAW image.