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While this provides you with more storage space, you have to wait while the content downloads or streams plus, if you have a data cap on your Internet usage, this can cause you to burn through that cap before the month is out. While a computer can be a terrific media player, one element has traditionally stood in the way of every media rack bearing something like the Mac mini: Convenient control.

We can manipulate AV receivers, disc players, high-definition TVs, and game consoles without shifting our keisters from the couch, but when we think of controlling a computer we all-too-often turn to a keyboard and a mouse or trackpad. A better option is Bluetooth input devices—keyboards, mice, and trackpads. When placed snugly together, the two input devices become one unit, which can be used on your lap. If these devices still seem too bulky, you may instead choose to use your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as a controller.

One of a variety of apps can turn your iOS device into both a wireless keyboard and trackpad. Paired with the mini, these apps let you control its interface much as you would with a real wireless keyboard and trackpad. Remote control is certainly one major challenge of using a computer as a media device. The other is making that control family-friendly.

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For this reason you should simplify the interface as much as possible. Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever. If you want to burn copies of DVDs you own to your Mac Mini hard drive, you'll also want a copy of the Handbrake software:. Unfortunately my friend did his own Mac Mini TV installation, and hasn't been sober enough to share exactly how he did this, or whether he had any problems in the setup process yet. Based on my own experiences with Mac installations, and using a Mac with multiple monitors, I'll guess he did one of two things:.

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Again, based on my Mac experience, I suspect either approach will work fine, but if you've already done this one way or the other, I welcome your comments below. At this point, everything should be ready for you to use. With all three of these you can:. Another option for watching videos on a Mac is through iTunes. You can buy video content from Apple, or, if you have burned DVD content to your hard drive, when you double click a digital video file on your Mac, the digital video will be played through iTunes.

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Regardless of how you got the digital video content into iTunes, to play the iTunes video, just navigate to it in the iTunes Movies tab, then click the video you want to watch, and make it full screen. Again, you can control it with your Apple Remote, or mouse and keyboard. I am personally not a big Mac Front Row user, but Front Row also provides an interface that at the very least lets you watch iTunes movies, play iTunes podcasts and iTunes music.

I hope this Mac Mini TV setup article has been helpful. Unless you're doing pretty color-critical work, wide-gamut may not be much of a benefit for you.

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I mean, I'm glad to have it, but I could be perfectly happy without it. The difference is visible to me only when I'm working on images with extremely saturated colors, and even then it's not something I particularly notice. I make and exhibit fine-art prints once in a while and could get by just fine with any decent calibrated IPS display. Have you considered contacting Apple for 27" monitors with x on a Macmini Late ? No i didn't. Can't imagine they give me advice on non apple display other than thunderbolt one. The Thunderbolt Display is not just a monitor, but a docking station, too.

That said, the display doesn't seem to have the full lamination or anti-glare treatment of the latest iMac displays, and the docking station has only USB 2.

More mac mini problems 1080p display port.

In my opinion, if you want a display and a docking station, you'd be better off buying a good third-party display and pairing it with a third-party Thunderbolt 2 dock. You just need to buy a special DisplayPort cable to plug into the Thunderbolt mini DisplayPort and it's just plug and play. If you use a HDMI connection you don't get the full resolution.

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