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That said, building with NW. Its primary focus is providing cross-platform compatibility as well as security in the final software products or distributions. Cons: Business applications are the primary focus of this framework, and so far less support is provided to games.

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Besides, it is very costly , as it requires you to opt for its paid subscriptions for its full functionality. This solution lets you write code in B4X language , a modern version of Visual Basic. Kivy is an open-source Python GUI framework to build multi-touch applications for desktop as well as mobile platforms. Using this framework, software using the same code can run on all the supported platforms, i. Cons: The Kivy framework needs large amount of disk space for the development environment, and works or builds more smoothly on Linux development platforms.

Besides this, Kivy requires a few minutes to start up on some devices. With its Xojo IDE, it provides an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop UI builder , and its own language for coding your application. Cons: Sometimes, dealing with databases in Xojo is difficult and the programmer has to install some additional tools to facilitate the same. Enyo is an open-source JavaScript framework , like Electron, that allows developers to create native-quality apps for desktop, mobile, and TV.

Enyo can run across all the relatively modern and standard web-based environments. Enyo is not as easy to develop as its competitors like Haxe and Electron, that can be owed to their bigger communities. This framework allows developing applications for numerous platforms including Windows, Mac OS, Linux and more. Cons : WINDEV is more complicated than other frameworks because of its French releases and the incomplete translation of guidelines for every feature. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to enjoy a better experience. If the budget is not your concern, you can invest in the latest new Mac, the latest is always the better in term of performance, capabilities, and compatibilities.

Before seeing any ads you have to define the maximum amount of money you want to put in. The price of a Mac computer may be very different depending on the model, the year of release, the configuration and so on. It is just here for signing the package binary before the deployment. In order to do that, the build host should have XCode priorly installed.

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XCode can be downloaded for free from the Apple store a free apple developer account is needed to download it. A common question that can be seen on the web is when people ask for the best choice between Macbook vs Mac mini. Mac mini is a little alloy box actually it is just the central unit where was packaged a powerful set of configuration.

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Thus, some people argue that it is the best choice. Macbook are the well-known laptops from Apple and are very interesting for development purposes. They are powerful, lightweight, compact, silent, all-in-one device and have a good battery autonomy and less power consumption. At the time of writing, September , we think that former models with core 2 Duo processors are too old for modern projects essentially when requiring a lot of multithreading. Mac mini is the slimmest declination of MacBook and essentially designed for light usage. Despite that, it can be used as a full Mac build host.

In mid of the year , my choice went to the MacBook Pro mid for the following reasons: — mobility and autonomy: I need something that is easy to bring with me. That choice definitely eliminates the Mac mini option and any desktop computer. That choice definitely eliminates the Mac mini option and any desktop computer — performance: rather than having a modern light device I prefer having a compact one which can handle much more loads.

The Macbook pro totally satisfies this condition compared to the Mac mini. The configuration is also interesting: Intel core i7 2. It is just amazing and perfect. It quickly adopted it as my daily computer. I have to note that its SSD storage also speeds up my work.

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The power consumption is also minimal. So if you want to publish the app for Android, iOS and Windows devices you need both mac and pc computers. Only Android is quite flexible because you can use either mac or pc. Each platform has also its own emulator. Emulators allow us to test our app without having a real device. One of the reasons is to see how the app behaves on different screen resolutions.

We all know how many kinds of devices exist on the market and they are quite expensive especially for Apple devices. Rather than having them all on your desk, I suggest you to have one or two of them to test the basic functionalities. Testing on a real device will help you into your app submitting process. The only Android is quite flexible because you can use either mac or pc. About the Author.

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