Mac lipstick pander me swatch

The lipstick does have a close resemblance to the description. Though I will describe the lipstick as medium brown with burnt orange undertones. It may look more brown or more orange depending on your skin tones. For our Indian skin tone, it is more brown with soft peachy undertone. Mac Pander Me is a perfect nude for me.

I love wearing it with heavy smoky eyes or just plain eye liner.

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This shade will not wash out medium skin tones and in fact, will brighten your face. The best way I feel is to apply a shimmery gloss on top and you can rock the shade beautifully.


Texture: Mac Pander Me has a smooth and creamy texture like most of the lipsticks in this collection. However, it has more sheen than the previous three lipsticks I have reviewed.

It is definitely matte, but has a slight shine to it. Goes on very evenly and feels really good on the lips. Staying Power: Since it is a lighter color, the staying power is around hours and you definitely need a touch-up post meals or drinks. Final Impression: Mac Pander Me is my favorite nude lipstick these days. It has enough color not to wash me out and at the same time looks beautiful without being an attention grabber.

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I know it is pretty difficult to get your hands on this, but you never know, you might get lucky. Highly recommended!!! The last pic is fantastic! U r seriosly the queen of Smokey eye look!

Thanks so much Taps.. U always appreciate my eye looks.. Thanks again.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Beautiful shade HImani.. Half n half is more pink-toned and dis is more brown..

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