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DIY Entertainment. Mac Programming. Text editors are notoriously divisive. Everyone has their own preferences, and each of those opinions are valid.

What works for one person, task, or project might not work for another. We all find productivity in different places. The following is a list of completely free text editors, with no paid upgrades or extra purchases. Atom tries to be a bit of everything, and for the most part it succeeds. There are plenty of other creative uses for GitHub. Here are nine you can explore. You can also customize the interface to your liking, another important aspect of any such serious tool.

One standout package is Teletype for Atom, a real-time collaboration feature that allows you to work on projects with others. Atom is also cross-platform, so you can transfer operating systems while maintaining familiarity with your favorite editor. TextWrangler is one of the most user-friendly examples of a text editor, with a price tag to match. Now hosted on the Mac App Store, TextWrangler offers an old-school feel, rock-solid performance, and the option of graduating to a more powerful yet familiar tool BBEdit, below if you feel the need.

13 Best Text Editors to Speed up Your Workflow in

Read More comes up short when editing plain text. It offers a wealth of powerful tools like grep pattern matching, multi-file search and replace, varied themes, and syntax coloring options. It lacks some of the fancier features seen in the premium packages, notably a preview pane to view changes in real time. It feels and behaves like a native macOS app, which makes it particularly user-friendly compared to some of the other examples on this list. Download: TextWrangler. One of the most powerful Linux text editors is VIM short for, Vi Improved , and here we show you how to extend its functionality further.

Read More that comes with macOS. Simply open Terminal , type vim , and hit Enter. Fortunately, Vim comes with a stack of documentation to help you learn how to use it. This includes quick reference and help documents, plus a minute tutorial to get you up and running.

Best Collaborative Text Editors

While you can change the font in a new note, you cannot set a default font, which might be a problem if you don't like typing with the system font, San Francisco. And you can't export your notes in any format other than PDF, so if you want to save them as text files, you'll need to open another app, copy your text, then paste it.

Evernote is another app that includes a text editor feature in its information and note gathering interface. If you already use Evernote, you can leverage this tool for writing just about anything. On the surface, it's a basic text editor, but it's more like TextEdit in rich text mode.

Setting up TextEdit on a Mac for Web Development

As you can see in this screenshot, the toolbar offers a number of formatting options, including font and size, bold, italic, lists, and more. You can also add graphics and voice notes. Like Apple Notes, Evernote syncs to the cloud. So if you do use this service, you can start writing on your Mac, pick up on your iPad, and finish on your iPhone. So if you do need to send a text file to someone, then you'll need to pass through another app.

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Whatever you choose, you may find, like I do, that you can do much of your writing in a text editor. It's simple, fast, and less cluttered than a word processor. And you'll be able to record all your words, just with fewer formatting options. Try one out and see if it works for you. Instead, you can use the text editor that comes free with your operating system.

TextEdit: The Built-in Text Editor of Mac OS X

I like plain text editors for writing something short quickly and easily, without thinking much about it. I wrote a blog post about the benefits of using plain text editors as writing software. Use for: writing whatever, wherever. Follow IntegoSecurity. The Mac Security Blog. Search for:. Being available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, it's the perfect match for people that have to work on multiple systems. Chocolat probably offers the most minimalist and beautiful interface in this category.

As Textmate's inofficial successor, it comes with similar features including support for Textmate's bundle system. However, features like its live error checking and window splitting make it an innovative app on its own. Many developers are real tinkerers - and, as such, want to be able to tweak their tools, too. A new generation of editors was made with exactly this in mind: allowing users to configure and extend it at will. Atom is one of these tools. Coming from GitHub, the makers of the popular code hosting service, Atom was made with extreme hackability in mind: you can tweak everything from its looks to its features.

Brackets is another app in this category. With Adobe as its founding father, it's also backed by a big player in the digital industry.

Just like Atom, it's mainly targeted at Web developers - and also extremely bendable. Of course there's more to choosing an editor than just looking at its specs. Most importantly, you simply have to like the tool, because you'll be spending countless hours with it.

Have fun choosing your new toy!