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Typing equations is much faster than selecting symbols and structures from the menu but does require learning the shortcuts. Using the steps above, you can probably guess most of the shortcuts you will need. Method 2. Open your Word document.

Add mathematical equations to your document in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

Since the app works the same on every platform, this method will work for any mobile device. Tap Home.

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When you tap Home , a list of options appears. Tap the up arrow on the right side of the menu that appears above your keyboard. Tap Insert. Tap Equation or Insert New Equation.

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You might have to scroll down the list to see this on phones. Type your equation. Double-tap your typed equation. A box will pop up above your equation. Tap Math Options. Tap Professional. Your symbols and numbers will change into an equation format. Method 3. Select the Insert tab on the ribbon. The ribbon is the horizontal menu between your document title and the document itself.

You'll see this on the far right, in the Symbols group. Click the icon to insert an equation. A box will appear at the position of your text cursor. You can start typing immediately to start your equation or continue to the next step for more options.

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Insert special formatting. When you clicked the Equations icon, the ribbon menu changed to display a large array of new options. Browse through them to find what you need, then type to complete the equation. Here's a step by step example: [5] Click the Script icon to open a drop-down menu.

Hover over each button and a tooltip will appear telling you what it is. Continue typing to complete the equation. If you do not need any special formatting, just continue typing to extend the equation. Word will automatically insert spaces and italicize variables. Move the equation on the page. Select the entire equation text box, and you'll see a tab with an arrow on the right-hand side. Click this arrow to reveal a list of visual options, including whether to center, left-justify, or right-justify the equation.

You can also highlight the text in the equation and alter the font size and style as usual. Write equations by hand only. If you have Word , you can create an "equation" by drawing it with a mouse or touchscreen tool. Select Ink Equation from the drop-down Equations menu to get started. Method 4. Select the Document Elements tab. This tab is on the ribbon menu, just below the highest row of icons.

Select the Equations icon on the far right.

There are three options here: Click the arrow next to the Equations icon for a drop-down selection of common equations. Click the arrow, then click "Insert New Equation" to type your own. Click the icon itself to open up a larger menu of equation options on the ribbon.

Use the top menu instead. If you prefer to use the top menu, select "Insert," then scroll all the way down to "Equation" in the drop-down menu. Your text cursor must be at a blank point in the document to access this command. For example, if you have an existing object selected, this command is greyed out.

Choose display options. Click the downward-facing arrow to the right of the equation box. A drop-down menu will appear with options to alter how your equation is displayed. This menu also includes the "save as new equation" command, useful for equations you plan to use frequently. This adds the selected equation to the drop-down menu when you click the arrow next to the Equations icon. Method 5. Know the limitations. Equations written in Word or earlier cannot be edited in later versions of Word.

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If you are collaborating with other Word users, it's best to upgrade to a more recent version. Attempt to insert an equation. The only solution is to press shift when I launch the application, but I shouldn't have to do that because it will exhaust me so much I will be tired. GGJstudios macrumors Westmere. May 16, 44, Frozzie said:.

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GGJstudios said:. Have you rebooted your computer? Aug 14, 2, I cannot see how it is going to make a difference - and I have rebooted. It makes no difference. Have you tried safe mode? Does cut and paste work in other apps such as PowerPoint as wells non-Office apps? As a last resort, you can delete and reinstall Word. Apr 22, 1, 1. Screen Shot at 7.

Of course it works on non-office apps. It also works in PowerPoint,. If I can iron out this problem without having to go through all that hassle the problem is fixed - reinstall is just delaying the inevitable. What happens in safe mode?