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SA-MP :: San Andreas Multiplayer

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San Andreas: Snow Edition is a great download that gives a beautiful dusting and clumping of snow across the entire game. The virtual snow even performs like the real thing, changing the physics of the game and allowing some fun slipping and sliding while driving through a crime-infested winter wonderland.

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Do you like zombies? Some people feel they're getting a little overdone, but if the walking dead are still your thing, there's a San Andreas Zombie Alarm mod that brings hordes of angry zombies into the world of the living for revenge.

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If you're a concerned parent who wants to get rid of a few specific and explicit details within San Andreas, this mod installer can load a mod that removes the "Hot Coffee" sex scene exploit. There may still be ways around it with other tools, but this mod removes the scene completely.

Do you want to play multiplayer San Andreas? Use the multiplayer mod to get started in the online world that may still have a few people exploring it even years after the game's release.

Where can i get SAMI (San Andreas Mod Installer) for mac ?

Not only can you play San Andreas with friends across the Internet, but you can join existing servers with people ready to shoot you and steal your car. Fight back against the zombies and the virus that is causing the plague of them. UFO is a set of tools for Skyrim, this mod allows users to to have a better control on their followers.

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How to get CLEO MODS on GTA SA for FREE! (MAC)