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A dropmenu will open, listing the path to that folder in reverse hierarchical form. Note - items in that list are clickable.

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This will add a narrow strip to the bottom of any open folder's window. In that new area will be shown the full path to the folder. Note - each item in that display of the path is clickable. I knew I wasn't hesitating for nothing all those 24 long MS years Does Lion have some sort of sys. Just learned about the Terminal via this thread, but it would be great to actually view the added symbolic link.

How to Change the Junk Mail Filter Settings in Mac® OS X™

Or even edit this most important file directly. Yes, one of many. I have compiled a long list of them, for my own reference purposes as a reminder of the bad experiences I had with Lion and which I am NOT having now that I'm back to Snow Leopard. In Apple Mail, when I send a message with an attachment, there is no paper clip icon in the "attachments" column in the "sent" folder. So I have no idea whether the attachment was actually sent, or not. It beats me how this got screwed up, because it works fine in Snow Leopard.

What on earth did they do? Don - the View path I get when doing that is again from the Home folder, not the externa drive. I don't seem to be able to click on the path items either. The other way - I'm looking for what you call ' the folder's title bar Or is the shortcut icon the folder with the arrow in the lower left corner proof enough? Question: Q: Changing the default folder for Apple Mail More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.

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Oct 23, PM in response to Froggy Grodkin In response to Froggy Grodkin In Lion, a quick way of accessing the hidden Library in the home folder is to open the Go menu and then press the Option key - the item Library will be added to the list. Loading page content. Oct 23, PM in response to axeros In response to axeros Thnx.

Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: Froggy Grodkin Froggy Grodkin. Oct 24, AM in response to Don Archibald In response to Don Archibald Accessing 'Library' is a little like 'killing a cat' in that there are many ways to achieve a result.

Move or rename a folder in Outlook for Mac

It should be noted the expression is colloquial, I do not go around "killing' anything. In future they are then one click away from direct access to their Library. Setting a up a 'second' [in name at least] App Store frankly beggars belief. Sorry to wander off topic but, IMO, this is another example of flawed thinking.

Option 1: Clean Up Mail Attachments Using CleanMyMac

User profile for user: Don Archibald Don Archibald. Oct 24, AM in response to jjphvn In response to jjphvn jjphvn wrote: Does that mean Finder actually opens all these folders on the externa disk, but shows them as if they were in the Home folder? You can verify that easily, a couple of ways. User profile for user: Tom in London Tom in London. Another annoying Mail glitch: In Apple Mail, when I send a message with an attachment, there is no paper clip icon in the "attachments" column in the "sent" folder.

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Ask a question Reset. This is to create a temporary backup copy of your old Library folder in case of a mistake in step 3. Optional but recommended: perform a full Cache Cleaning if you have previously installed a tool which can perform Cache Cleaning. Restart your Mac. Log in to your account, for example johnsmith per the example in step 2.

When you are sure that your account is again operating normally: Trash the Library folder on your desktop, which was created in step 4. Empty the Trash. Did you find this FAQ helpful?