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Force an External Mac Drive to Mount via Command Line Terminal Commands in Mac OS X

We've got an open bug for it though and we can notify you when we've got a fix. Wanted to let you know that this issue should be fixed now and we should respect the LANG environment variable. This change will be available in the next version of RStudio v0. If you've like to test it out now, you can try out the latest preview:.

How to undo double UTF-8 (or other) encoded filenames

We'd love for you to confirm that everything looks good. Also note that we should now work according to the instructions laid out for R. Archive 0. Bests regards Guillaume Avenin.

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Date Votes. LANG' defaults setting, such as for example" defaults write org.

Make The Tree Command Available On Mac OS X

R force. UTF-8 Josh. Answer: The state is still somehow the same. Using a vim with multilingual capabilities compiled in, I can read and write in Greek, but not as good as I want, because mapping of keyboard commands does not work with Unicode, but read on for what I got with ISO Trying something I wanted to play around with for a long time, I made more progress in setting up vim to work with Greek.

State of Greek and UTF-8 in the Mac OS X Terminal

As seen in the previous posts about this topic there are some prerequisites to get this working especially on Mac OS X. To get keyboard commands work with the greek keyboard too, you can use the map keyboard command, it's a bit more tedious than langmap, but you can put it into your. Read on for details Posted by betabug at Comments 6 Trackbacks 0. Life in Athens Greece for a foreigner from the other side of the mountains.

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And with an interest in digital life and the feeling of change in a big city. Multilingual English - German - Greek. Main blog page. Guets Neus!

Set locale to UTF-8 in Mac OS X

Some of the most sought after posts, judging from access logs and search engine queries. Posted by: Andreas Triantafillidis at December 31, Posted by: betabug at August 10, Posted by: betabug at September 11, The other obvious choice would have been to port to Shift-JIS, a popular encoding for Japanese characters. However, we decided that this latter choice was not forward-looking enough. Choosing Unicode, specifically the UTF-8 encoding, will allow us to port to other languages more easily.

This article is an accumulation of my learnings configuring my Mac to default to UTF-8 wherever possible. Fortunately, most of the common utilities have preferences to change that default, although the prefs are different for each App.